The PolkaSpots Network Architects put your specific needs at the centre of your project. Your solution will be built from the ground up using expert knowledge and experience. Ensure your hardware and software connectivity is perfectly designed to fit your requirements, giving you an edge-to-edge solution.
The process is simple. We start from identifying your Wireless Access Point placement, then complete WiFi site surveys to ensure that the best coverage is given, before moving down the chain to your physical infrastructure. This is to ensure that your physical infrastructure does not restrict your wireless coverage, instead making sure that your wireless network covers the areas you need to.
Your network can be built for any custom purposes like VLANs and security policies that you currently have, while making sure that your network has room to grow and expand, ensuring that it is future proof.
We stay vendor neutral when planning out your networks - every piece of hardware is different and one size does not fit all. You don’t just get good hardware, you get the best hardware suited for your installation.