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Step 1. Create Account

Set up an account online and manage all your Wi-Fi locations around the world.

Step 2. Get a Box

Sync your access points to your account. Lots of models are compatible - check the list here.

Step 3. Customise. Analyse.

Start customising your settings, monitoring performance and analysing that data.

Predict flows of traffic

Stick this in your pipe. Using the data from your Wi-Fis, you can predict movement, watch flows of people and measure the pulse of your city.

Introducing Cucumber Tony. Hey Tony.

Sync your Wi-Fi access points to Tony, the most awesome Wi-Fi dashboard in the world. Use it to manage, monitor and control all your Wi-Fi devices. Tony has everything, from branded login pages to retail analytics.

We built this city on rock and roll

Here's some of our amazing customers who are helping us build the magic.

Meet the Family

From A-Z, here's some of the special people who've done it with Tony more than once.

But who cares about that lot when you could read about me, Cucumber Tony...

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